The Swedish-American Entrepreneurial Days

– Where Sweden and the U.S. meet for business!

The Swedish–American Entrepreneurial Days – usually called “E-days”– has become the vital trade and networking event to provide an effective platform for business and commerce between the U.S. and Sweden. For the past thirteen years, Entrepreneurial Days has enabled small, medium, and large companies to connect and to develop cross-Atlantic business opportunities and relationships.

Put on by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce (SACC), and held since 1997, Edays is a biannual event featuring one gathering in Sweden and one in the US per year. As a result, it has become the ideal way to create and foster business relations between the two countries. Specifically, Edays employs, among other relationship-building tools, custom tailored business-to business-cluster programs and trade missions; high caliber speakers; an abundance of networking opportunities; and directed business matchmaking. E-Days has not only grown larger over the years, but it has also become far more global in scope, with American business leaders networking with their Swedish counterparts about businesses all over the world. The lynchpin component of this event’s stellar success is that it brings together entrepreneurs and experts from a variety of fields in order to share their expertise and experience in both American and EU markets.

In the past two years, Edays – held in San Diego, Stockholm and Savannah – attracted more than 1200 participants, a population that represented several different industries from all over Sweden as well as more than 20 US states. Over 1900 business matchmaking meetings have taken place, creating a variety of new business relationships, and significantly contributing to SACC’s mission to increase trade and commerce between Sweden and the US. Some examples of success stories that SACC and E-Days have facilitated in the past years:
  • Private Capital Network, California’s fastest growing angel investor association, announced during the Edays Stockholm their plans to open an office in Sweden.
  • New Page's pulp- and paper mill in Escanaba, Michigan, and the Swedish company Chemrec signed a $2.8 million dollar agreement to apply Chemrec's black liquor gasification technology to the U.S. plant.
  • The cities of Savannah, Georgia, and Växjö, Sweden, signed an Economic and Environmental Collaboration Agreement to work together in several areas, including securing a sustainable future.
  • Lidköping, Sweden and Rockford, Illinois, signed an industrial collaboration agreement thanks to SACC.
  • CIEL in Lidköping, Sweden, has established collaboration with Eigerlabs in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Växjö University has a established a participating agreement with the Northern Michigan University.
  • Mardon International Healthcare Services from Arizona has started working with several SACC members both in Sweden and the U.S., and has recently established a presence in southern Sweden.
  • Bellman Symfon, based in Västra Frölunda, Sweden, is successfully distributing and selling their products in the US through recent successful trade missions to Minnesota, Michigan, and Kansas.
  • Radius, a Karlskrona, Sweden-based telecom company, moved to Rockford, Illinois.

In 2010, the Business Focus E-Days Special Edition will take place in Seattle during Sweden Week May 3-9, and in Gothenburg, Sweden, November 8-10.